Wishdream's Starly Musings

Hello! Welcome to my space. It's barebones for now but everything you need is right here.

Right now I'm on focus training. Since the site is part of that focus training, the site will improve massively as I go!
Hopefully when things go right, I'll be able to tackle so much more things and finally finish up what I need to do.

Anyway, so I got a blog and a podcast for now! You're likely here because of the podcast, in that case then grab the RSS feed for that series right here:


Wish's Musings - Blog Updates

This is where basically Wishdream rants or have interesting observations.
  1. Hello World! blog

More posts can be found in the archive.


Path Towards a Dreamer's Focus - Audio Focus Logs

A audio log for the focus training of Wishdream.