Wishdream's Starly Musings

Day 16 - Resolve

Welcome to the seventeenth episode! #

Today is a Resolve from yesterday.
I woke up 4pm as expected and immediately prepared to fix my sleep schedule.

Went ahead with a livestream for a productive time for the night and did my daily routine to ensure that I do everything right. I also did a few things related to something that is private that I sadly can't show. However, I am moving in the right direction for it.

Now, in this episode, I talk about all the three ways you can recover your sleep schedule, from sleeping continuously, staying up or doing 30 minute short naps. I had a little help with doing so by thanks to my allergy medication which does make me tired slightly. I know I can reset everything I do by just doing my daily routine thanks to batching and well, we shall see if it worked tomorrow!

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