Wishdream's Starly Musings

Day 9 - Company

Welcome to the tenth episode! #

Ahh yes, company!

Welcome friend! Let's talk about company.
You know, sometimes we just need the good ol' boost with friends! And in this case, thanks to my friends I'm able to finish Astra completely.

Though, with their influence however, that's what I've been mostly focused on.
I went through and started my next character, Ionia.

Company can affect us in different ways. Sometimes it's like when you wake up can affect how you are in most of the day. Sometimes it's very motivating and very driving! Sometimes we just want to be alone, be it subconsciously or not.

Things I did this day:

Once in a while as you are doing your work, you should hang with friends once in awhile. It can do you good!
Like watch an episode or two as you're drawing! It's wonderful :D

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