Wishdream's Starly Musings

Day 5 - Patience

Welcome to the sixth episode! #

So this episode is Day 5 which is a break day, which turned out not to be.

And turns out, the lesson today is about patience.
Why so? It's simple. I had three packages in the waiting.
I am eager as these three packages are quite important to me; one of them is a gift, another is something I'm interested in, and the last one was to put that something I am interested in inside a carrying case.

If you want to hear all about it, give it a listen!
Two packages arriving early, then the last one was quite a doozy.

I spent my day taking a break, though anxious for 3 packages.

I talked about a few more on my audio log, it's short but sweet I'd say.
I might think of giving some music in the background next time, though only a consideration.

Well, I hope you enjoy this entry.

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