Wishdream's Starly Musings

Day 7 - Natural

Welcome to the eighth episode! #

So this episode, let's talk about how these habits are becoming natural.

I am starting to notice that my habits are becoming now more natural as it is routine.
It's amazing and I'm surprised how easy it was to now start things that I was having such a hard time to start.
Although that I ended up sleeping twice, it was an extremely productive day with just a lot of programming for Mobius Grid here and there.

I noticed how also antihistamine can make you a little sleepy and I'm glad I implemented siesta to my routine.

As there isn't anything much happened here on this day for a list, there won't be one today.
Although, I did find this new neat Twitter client called Twidere. Alternate client for Twitter & Mastodon.

Super useful as it has multi-post with multiple accounts!

There's a lot more I talk about with the episode than the text here, so have a listen!

P.S. Sorry if I was late for this entry! I accidentally fell asleep to make my audio log! I got the notes and everything. So this will be posted today along with Day 8.

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