Wishdream's Starly Musings

Day 11 - Improvements

Welcome to the twelfth episode! #

Today is a day of Improvements!

It was a relatively nice day today. Quite relaxed and productive really.
Although I feel that time flew way too fast again. It's like 4pm was suddenly 9pm after 30 minutes.
It's weird because it feels like I did really well today but was short on time.

From this day onwards, I won't add a list anymore since it's getting really stagnant. Instead, I will highlight the ones that are the focus or things that are important.

I'm happy I got to exercise today, then do some productive stuff that I marked onto the audio.
It's really interesting.

I go on about adding Brain Training as well. It helps to keep the mind fresh.
I've been really aware of how I remember things so it's been keeping my mind more trained.

I also started using my phone as a physical-ish Pomodoro timer! It works wonders.

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